His recent death has set much of the current political climate into motion. Since he was seen by many as the cornerstone of leadership among the three elders in the Imperium, and the lynchpin in the continued peace following the Aertian War, his loss is significant.

Before he became an Elder, he studied as a musician and artist in the scholar city of Greyfall. It was there that he drew the attention of the Imperium leadership, and began to devote his time and efforts to improving the Imperium knowledge of the Necropolis, the long dead city to the West, and worked on unlocking the secrets of the items and magic found there. Baka was nearing 500 years, when he died, and had served as Elder for the better half of his life.

Baka was entombed in the Citadel, the capital of the Imperium, just after his death.