Dukhal doesn't remember much of his early life. He remembers a village. He remembers a gift of gold and jewels to an orc that was glad to see him gone, and then he only remembers the monks. He was the only one of his kind at the monastery, where he trained day and night. He learned to fight before he learned to speak. His masters were harsh but their results were clear. They taught him to focus his natural rage and strength into ki. The orc half of his nature was later tempered with books and meditation, but never kindness. Dukhal was honed into a living weapon for the monks' use. Despite raising him, the monks never treated him as a son or an equal. He was fed the barest scraps and forced to do the lowest work. He was beaten regularly as part of his lessons. Even what he thought was his name, was just the orcish word for "bastard", an inside joke that persisted until he was finally allowed to learn his native tongue. After years of torment for a purpose that remained secret to him, the half-orc had had enough. He left the monastery under the cover of the new moon and set off to reconnect with his people and find his own way in the world.