Ashrasak earned his childhood name Fearless by always being first to rush into adventure,and danger, among his fellow clan children. He grew up learning the ways of the Fighter becoming proficient in all manner of weapons and armor. On his 18th hatching dat, he set out on a journey to find an Elder Blue Dragon to learn more of his clans ancient heritage. After 2 years, he found the lair of an Elder Blue only to find the Dragon long dead and his lair empty of his hoard. With no other leads, Ash chose to return to his clan. When he returned all he found was death. Ash determined the attack on his clan must have happened shortly after he had left, and after all this time there were no clear signs as to who, or what, destroyed his home, family, and friends. Now Ash sets out in search of any survivors of his clan and justice for his fallen brethren.