My Great Great Great Uncle Gimble was a Bard. He was amazing. He could calm any beast; detour whole herds away from farms. He could inspire any feeling he wanted with a mere whistle. One time, an army was hunting in our forest. We didn't care where they came from or where they were going. We had to protect the woodland creatures. Uncle Gimble whistled a tune and in moments the soldiers started hunting each other without knowing why. They figured they must be possessed by an evil spirit and retreated. It was so funny.

I wanted to be like him so much. I spent all my free time with him. He taught me my first instrument, the lute,and how to whistle. I follow in his footsteps and hope to have as many magical tales as he.

In the last year, the elves have stopped coming to our forest to chat with the elders and trade goods. Us forest gnomes hardly ever leave our boundaries, but someone had to see what was happening. I spoke with the elders and they said I am too young and inexperienced to leave. I knew that one day I needed to journey to college like my uncle Gimble once did and continue my training to be a master bard.

Gimble taught me well, and his books and scrolls have taken me this far. This was just the task I needed to get me to leave the forest and find my destiny.

I snuck out in the middle of the night. Heading north to Kalenora, the Elven capitol, to find out what has happened to the Elves. Upon my arrival, the guards would not let me through but I persuaded then to tell me why there was no entry. I find out the world has changed a lot in a year.

And so it was there that I decided to continue my journey, hiding my true nature until I can seek out a bardic college of lore. I'm not sure where they are or how I will recognize them but I must be brave.